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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sunblock Deco [English & Simlish]

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My Sunblock converted for The Sims 4.

English & Simlish version.

AVOCAD & BREEZE have separated English & Simlish version. 4 swatches. 
For HAWAIIAN DROP, SUNPAL, PEPPERCOOL, GOLDEFENSE, please check the swatch (there are 2 swatches) to switch between English and Simlish version. 

Category: Decor > clutter


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Meja Hias Kayu Jati (Teakwood End Table)

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Presets: 2

Recolourable: 1 channel

Category: Surface > End Table

Price:  $200

Poly Counts:  320 vertices, 260 faces

Hiasan Papua (Papua Deco)

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Painting art is from Asmat tribe, who resides in Papua, the most east province of Indonesia.


Preset: 1

Recolourable: 1 channel

Category: Decor > Miscellaneous

Price:  $50

Poly Counts:  202 vertices, 164 faces

Image Credit:   < I'm not affiliated with this website

Ukiran Wayang (Wayang Carving)

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Wayang is puppet theater art originated in Indonesia, mostly developed on Java island, while the wood carving is made in Jepara, a regency in northeast of Java island, which is famous for its wood carving and furniture.


Presets: 2

Recolourable: 2 channels

Category: Decor > Wall Hanging

Price:  $300

Poly Counts: 56 vertices, 28 faces

Image Credit:    <I'm not affiliated with this site


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Brutal Fighting Poses


Facial expressions: 

Brutal Fighting poses / Fighting poses / Male poses / Manly poses / Kicking poses / Punching poses / Bully poses / Chocking poses / Violent poses / Action poses / Storytelling poses

Fighting in real life is not pretty unlike choreographed martial arts moves. They are dirty and brutal.
Both male rigs are stretched (stomach, leg, arm)
Pose List compatible

Pose codes:

Punching on face:
  • a_bs_brutalfighting1 
  • a_bs_brutalfighting2
Kicking on stomach:
  • a_bs_brutalfighting3
  • a_bs_brutalfighting4
Sitting on opponent, punching on face: 
  • a_bs_brutalfighting5
  • a_bs_brutalfighting6
Chocking opponent to death: 
  • a_bs_brutalfighting7
  • a_bs_brutalfighting8

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

狗年福字貼 【Year of the Dog 'Fu' Wall Decoration】

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Chinese wall decoration '福' word for Year of the Dog. 福 / fu means 'good fortune' in Chinese Mandarin.
Non recolourable.

Category: DecorWall Hanging

Price: $8

Poly Counts: 4 vertices, 2 faces

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Betawi Chair & Table Set

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Dining Table
End Table & Coffee Table
The name of Betawi is derived from 'Batavia', old colonial name of Jakarta. Betawi is Indonesian ethnic native to Jakarta, who are descendant of people inhabited Batavia from during 17th century. Kursi & meja Betawi (Betawi Chair & Table) is one of Betawi people's cultures. This set of Betawi furniture is made from teak wood and commonly set for outdoor/terrace/patio (in front of house).


This set of furniture consists of: 
  • Betawi Chair. (Category: Dining Chair). Price: $215 
  • Betawi Dining Table. Price: $225
  • End Table. Price: $225
  • Coffee Table. Price: $225 
Chair has 2 recolourable channels, Dining/End/Coffee Table has 1 recolourable channel. 

Poly Counts: 
  • Betawi Chair: 1829 vertices, 1877 faces 
  • Betawi Dining/End/Coffee Table: 666 vertices, 616 faces