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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hostage With Knife Poses - TS3

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The poses are pose list compatible and fitting for fat sim body (the hostage) to reduce the bad clipping. 

The difference between male and female poses

Basically they are same poses; except for: 
  • Female version. The sim who holds hostage is based on male rig and made slightly taller (I stretched its skeleton on stomach and legs). The hostage, which is female rig has finger pose fitting to the male rig, which is slightly different from male version.
  • Male version. For pose list number 2, the sim who holds hostage put his hand on hostage's stomach. Also there is separate version for fat version for pose list number 2, which is the sim who holds hostage put his hand around hostage's neck.

Pose Codes
Female Version
HoldingHostageKnife1 (MaleFemale) / a_bloodyscholastic_holding1_mf
BeingHostageKnife1 (MaleFemale) /a_bloodyscholastic_being1_mf

HoldingHostageKnife2 (MaleFemale) /a_bloodyscholastic_holding2_mf
BeingHostageKnife2 (MaleFemale) / a_bloodyscholastic_being2_mf

HoldingHostageKnife3 (MaleFemale) / a_bloodyscholastic_holding3_mf
BeingHostageKnife3 (MaleFemale) / a_bloodyscholastic_being3_mf

Male Version 
HoldingHostageKnife1 (MaleMale) / a_bloodyscholastic_holding1_mm
BeingHostageKnife1 (MaleMale) / a_bloodyscholastic_being1_mm

HoldingHostageKnife2 (MaleMale) / a_bloodyscholastic_holding2_mm
BeingHostageKnife2 (MaleMale) / a_bloodyscholastic_being2_mm

HoldingHostageKnife2 (MaleMale) - FAT / a_bloodyscholastic_holding2_mm_fat
BeingHostageKnife2 (MaleMale) - FAT / a_bloodyscholastic_being2_mm_fat

HoldingHostageKnife3 (MaleMale) / a_bloodyscholastic_holding3_mm
BeingHostageKnife3 (MaleMale) / a_bloodyscholastic_being3_mm

!! Updated (7/1/2018) !!
Fixed thumbnails on Pose List which is very disorganized and simplified the title name of the poses 

If you had downloaded this pose before, please redownload. Replace and install as usual. 

DOWNLOAD POSE (Pose List & Pose Codes) 
Knife accessory is not made by me. It is made by LiKo (right hand & front version) 

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