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[Announcement#1] Fixed TS4 Sunblock Deco

To everyone who downloaded my TS4 Sunblock deco before June 21 2018, please re-download the file : LINK. The files are now correctly TS4 files.

[Annoucement#2] Fixed TS3 Betawi Chair & Table SET

[Fixed wrong side of table] To anyone who downloaded the files before 6/30/2018, please re-download LINK and replace the old files.

[Announcement#3] Fixed TS3 Pose List Thumbnails & Naming

Fixed disorganized/overlapping thumbnail & naming issues. Please re-download the files.!!! Pose Pack, Hide And Seek, Hostage With Knife, Chinese New Year With Angpao.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

春節POSE包含紅包配飾 (Chinese New Year Pose Set With Angpao/Hongbao/Red Envelope) - TS3

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Chinese New Year poses / Cultural poses / Hongbao / Angpao / Red Packet / Red Envelope / Family poses / Children poses / Teen poses

我製作了這個POSE來慶祝2568農曆火雞年。 新年快樂! 恭喜發財。
很抱歉,這個POSE質量是不好。 我必須匆匆地做了這個POSE。


c_bs_gongxi1 / Child -- gongxi1   
c_bs_gongxi2 / Child -- gongxi2
c_bs_myangpao / Child -- Showing angpao to camera
c_bs_xiexie / Child – Thank you for the angpao
a_bs_gongxi1_teen / Teen -- gongxi1
a_bs_gongxi2_teen / Teen -- gongxi2
a_bs_gongxi1 / Adult -- gongxi1
a_bs_gongxi2 / Adult -- gongxi2
a_bs_gongxi1_ac_adult / Adult gongxi to Child
c_bs_gongxi1_ac_child / Child gongxi to Adult
a_bs_gongxi1_at_adult / Adult gongxi to Teen
a_bs_gongxi1_at_teen / Teen gongxi to Adult
a_bs_givingangpao_ac_adult / Adult is giving angpao to Child
c_bs_receivingangpao_ac_child / Child is receiving angpao from Adult
a_bs_givingangpao_at_adult / Adult is giving angpao to Teen
a_bs_receivingangpao_at_teen / Teen is receiving angpao from Adult
a_bs_givingangpao_aa_adult / Adult is giving angpao to Adult
a_bs_receivingangpao_aa_adult / Adult is receiving angpao from Adult
a_bs_xiexie / Adult -- Thank you for the angpao


!! Updated (7/1/2018) !!  更新 !! 
Fixed thumbnails on Pose List。

Re-download and install file as usual. 

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