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[Announcement#1] Fixed TS4 Sunblock Deco

To everyone who downloaded my TS4 Sunblock deco before June 21 2018, please re-download the file : LINK. The files are now correctly TS4 files.

[Annoucement#2] Fixed TS3 Betawi Chair & Table SET

[Fixed wrong side of table] To anyone who downloaded the files before 6/30/2018, please re-download LINK and replace the old files.

[Announcement#3] Fixed TS3 Pose List Thumbnails & Naming

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Hide And Seek - Children Pose Pack (21 Poses) - TS3

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Children poses / Children activity poses / Fun poses / Playing poses / Storytelling poses / Action poses / Hide and seek poses. 

Because lacking of Sims children activity related poses available on internet, I decided to create this on my own. With this pose, hopefully I could fulfill the lacking content for children. 21 Poses, including: Counting, Searching, Running, Hiding, Finding other child, Gotten found. Yeah, that's a lot. I was having fun at creating this pose pack for children.  I used to play hide and seek in real life when I was a child.. don't know if children nowadays still play physical activities or not.  

Probably there's different version of hide and seek in every country. In my country Indonesia, children who hide, have to run to the home base and place their hand on something at home base then shout "HONG!!" to inform others, as a mark their position is safe and no need to hide.    

NOTE: SOME OF THE POSES ARE NOT SNAP TO OBJECT. The poses are not couple poses. Activate "moveObjects on" cheat and use ALT Button to move the Sim suited on your liking! 

Poses that snap to object: 
  • Poses 1 & 2 (counting) with tree object from Base Game: "Small Black Gum Tree" (just rotate the tree if you fell the Sim on both poses still hasn't snapped to the tree object).
  • Pose 7 (hiding), 15 & 17 (found) leaning on wall. 
  • Pose 14 (finding other) leaning on top of half wall. 
  • Poses 10 (hiding) & 19 (found) leaning on wall. 

Pose Codes: 
  1. 1.  c_bs_hideandseek_counting1
  2. 2. c_bs_hideandseek_counting2
  3. 3. c_bs_hideandseek_searching1
  4. 4. c_bs_hideandseek_searching2
  5. 5. c_bs_hideandseek_running1
  6. 6. c_bs_hideandseek_running2
  7. 7. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding1
  8. 8. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding2
  9. 9. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding3
  10. 10. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding4
  11. 11. c_bs_hideandseek_hiding5
  12. 12. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou1
  13. 13. c_bs_hideandseek_found1
  14. 14. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou2
  15. 15. c_bs_hideandseek_found2
  16. 16. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou3
  17. 17. c_bs_hideandseek_found3
  18. 18. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou4
  19. 19. c_bs_hideandseek_found4
  20. 20. c_bs_hideandseek_found5
  21. 21. c_bs_hideandseek_findyou5

!! Updated (7/1/2018) !!
Fixed thumbnails on Pose List that overlapping each other with my other Poses due to thumbnail image naming.

If you had downloaded this pose before, please redownload. Replace and install as usual. 
DOWNLOAD (Pose List & Pose Codes) 

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