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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hollow Star Lamp & Solid Star Lamp - TS3

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Hollow Star Lamp: 
1 Recolourable Channel
Light : Dim
Light : Dim

Solid Star Lamp: 
1 Recolourable channel
5 Non-Recolourable Presets
Light : Dim
Light : Dim. Colours (from left to right): Red, yellow, orange, no colour light, cyan, blue 

Light : Dim

Light: Varied. Combination of Dim, Normal, and Bright

Ho-ho-ho. It's about time of the year again. Happy (early) Christmas, fellow Simmers!
I don't know if these kind of star lamps have ever been made in TS3 CC community (I've googled and found nothing), so I made these lamps based on my version.

They're wall lamp, found on category Lamp > Wall Lamp. 
I gave the cheap price $55 for each lamp version because they are made from plastic material.
If you look closely to the lamps you can see the lamp material shines and reflects the light.

Very recommended to use them in Dim light setting to have subtle lamp colour effect and blended better with wall (but still, depends of surrounding light. You can combine Dim/Normal/Bright setting to adapt with surrounding light). 

       1. Hollow Star Lamp          
           Recolourable channel: 1
           Presets: 3 (Red, yellow, green) 
           Poly Counts: 112 vertices, 120 faces 

     2. Solid Star Lamp
         Recolourable channel: 1
         Presets: 6. 1 recolourable, 5 non-recolourable
To use non-recolourable silver texture preset, do not use custom colour white setting! Just light it normally (Dim) then do not choose lamp colour. If you use lamp colour, the lamp will look too bright and the silver texture can't be seen clearly.    
         Poly counts: 76 vertices, 96 faces

Mesh made by me.

DOWNLOAD (Hollow & Solid Star Lamp)

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