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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kintamani Dog - TS3

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Kintamani dog is a native canine breed indigenous to the Kintamani region of the Bali Island, Indonesia, though it is rarely found elsewhere away from its homeland. Characterized by a broad face, flat forehead, flat cheeks, thick, erect ears, dark-brown almond-shaped eyes and compact jaws, it has an attractive appearance quite different from an average village dog. Though unrecognized by any popular kennel clubs, efforts are being made to help it attain recognition by the “Federation Cynologique Internationale”.

A lot of stories have been circulated regarding the origination of this breed. Some reveal that they might have come along with the Javanese traders or refugees in the 14th and 15th century respectively. Another popular folk lore is that a Chinese trader by the name of Lee came to Singaraja located in North Bali, with a Chow Chow dog accompanying him that was in turn crossed with the feral dogs of Balinese. Another story states it to descend from crossing a fox, wolf and dog. It is also said to be a result of crossbreeding a Samoyed with a White Malamute, mainly because of its close resemblance in appearance to both.

Genetic studies, however, states its probability of evolving from the local feral breeds of Balinese, also being related to other Asian dogs.

It has been estimated that at present there are approximately 12,000 Kintamani dogs around the Bangli Regency. In the year 2006 it obtained recognition in Bali under the category of “distinct dog breed”.

The authorities of the Bangli Regency always take the initiative of organizing exhibition and contests to popularize this breed so that it gets recognized and acknowledged by the international bodies.



You need to download custom sliders and markings listed below to make the dog shows correctly in your game! 

Dog Sliders: 

Known issues: The dog is made shorten by using Big Dog Short Legs slider for real life dog breed accuracy, so there will be height animation clipping in-game. If you do not want height clipping problem in your game, drag Big Dog Short Legs slider to zero.  

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