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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Edible Kue Lapis & Lapis Legit - TS3


Edible Indonesian food

Kue lapis legit is listed by CNN as one of the best national cakes in the world list. LINK 

Kue lapis & lapis legit, are traditional Indonesian cake. 
In English language, kue lapis is translated to "layer cake". 
Kue = cake , lapis = layer

Kue lapis is traditionally made from rice flour, and categorized as "kue basah" or in English language, "wet cake". It has pudding-like texture. WIKI
While kue lapis legit, is made from usual cake ingredients: flour, egg, butter. WIKI

In real life, I've mostly eaten kue lapis legit that has three colours: yellow, chocolate, yellow. 
It's called "Kue lapis Surabaya."  


This edible kue lapis & lapis legit has 4 presets that can be changed using CAS tool. 
This food object has script that cloned from dried food from World Adventures EP. Script by: NonaMena
Just place the food object on table then eat it or eat it straight from Sim's inventory (drag food object into Sim's inventory). 

Bonus decoration: You can put the edible food objects using OMSP mod on plate CC. *Warning: Sim cannot pick up food from OMSP, make sure it's just for decoration. 

Category: Appliances > Miscellaneous 
Hunger fulfilling value: 55 
Price: $1 
Poly counts: 76 vertices, 76 faces

This edible food object works in your game without installing NonaMena's script mod, but it has no moodlet.
If you wish to have moodlet (Tasty Treat / Sumptuous Snack /  Gastronomical Delight / etc) after Sim ate the custom food, install NonaMena's WITHCustomBuff