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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ridwan Chandra - TS3

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Full Name: Ridwan Chandra
Nickname: Ridwan
Age Group: Young Adult
Age: 25
Nationality: Indonesian
Occupation: Class B-movie director

Energetic, carefree, outgoing guy from Jakarta likes to experience things happening around him. He likes spending times with his Great Dane dog, Doritos [named after his favourite snack], going outside especially places like nature and beach, walking around, and working out in gym. He's laid back person, enjoys life, has great sense of humor, does not think anything too seriously, enjoys being famous around people around him. He also has obsession with high-tech stuff and cars. Although currently he's a director for small title / B class movies in company, he wishes to quit his job then build his own business. His dream job is having his own property business on beach.

By the way, he's single, ladies. 

Character's personality 
Blood type: O
Temperament: Extroverted, sanguine-phlegmatic

EA-based personality 
Traits:  Athletic, Diva, Excitable, Good Sense of Humor, Loves the Outdoor
Food: Trip-Tip Steak
Music: Electronica
Favorite Color: Orange
Astrological Sign: Gemini


You need to install sliders and CC listed below to make this Sim shows correctly in your game! 
This sim is built using MasterController's Slider range/multiplier 3x 

Cheek Depth Scale, Nose Tweak  by OneEuroMutt
Jaw Line Width, Eye Stretch, Eye Width, Eyebrows Distance, Nose Tip Height, Middle Upper Lip Width, Upper Lip Corners Width, Upper Lip Height by Ahmad/Bella3lek4
Chin to neck line  by Heiret
Iris Size, Septum Width by awT
Nostril Curve  by OneEuroMutt
Nostril Rotate  by awT
Nostrils Depth  by OneEuroMutt
Overlip Curve by Nysha
Upper Thin Lower by YsStudio
Upper Lip Curve  by awT

Skin: HDW Klavix by -Mallow-
Hair: Hair Mesh #10 BLUE Lapiz Lazuli
Eyebrows: Eyebrows collection by Ephemera
Lips: Natural Lipcolor for Both Genders by Arisuka
Eyes: eyes for eye-coholics-v1 by Shady

Default replacement (optional, but recommended) 
You Are Real Face & Body Detail by buhudain

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