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Monday, March 19, 2018

Ago-kui Couple Pose Set - TS3


"Ago-kui" is a couple trend in Japan. It is done by holding/lifting chin of love partner with eye-contact, as a romantic gesture, one step before kissing session. Usually it is done by guy holding chin of girl, but I did the reverse  >_> The girl "dominates" the guy. And both Sims as model I used, Ryuuki and Chieko, can't stop laughing awkwardly for trying "Ago-Kui" instead of making eye-contact.

Pose List compatible. Including Pose Codes.

Pose Codes:

  • a_bs_agokui1
  • a_bs_agokui2
  • a_bs_agokui3
  • a_bs_agokui4
  • a_bs_agokui5
  • a_bs_agokui6


    1. I just love agokui. I've done it to others and had it done to me! :)