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Friday, March 16, 2018

My First Pet Bowl (Kibbles & Raw) - TS3



No more ugly looking pet bowl with EA's dry soil pet food texture. 
These are alternative food for your pet. Kibbles and raw version. 

2 presets: 
  • 1 non-recolourable stainless steel texture 
  • 2 recolorable channels 
With geostates: empty bowl, half full, and full food 

Pet food rexture is not recolorable! If you wish to change the food texture, please purchase pet bowl with other title! 

Requires Pets EP. 
Prices: $75
Poly Counts: 413 vertices, 608 faces 

*Although I included colourful pet kibbles texture for this CC, this is merely to look good in game, Do not feed your real life pet with colorful pet kibbles using food colouring chemical. 


  1. I would like to ask please if possible convert some of your items to ts4

    1. Which item? If you want to convert this Pet Bowl to be functional in TS4, you can. Because I haven't learned about creating functional object in TS4. Do not convert other items because I'm going to convert and publish by my own.

      If you publish the convertion using my mesh, credit me and publish it for free. Do not put, donation link, Patreon, or sell it. Thank you.