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[Announcement#1] Fixed TS4 Sunblock Deco

To everyone who downloaded my TS4 Sunblock deco before June 21 2018, please re-download the file : LINK. The files are now correctly TS4 files.

[Annoucement#2] Fixed TS3 Betawi Chair & Table SET

[Fixed wrong side of table] To anyone who downloaded the files before 6/30/2018, please re-download LINK and replace the old files.

[Announcement#3] Fixed TS3 Pose List Thumbnails & Naming

Fixed disorganized/overlapping thumbnail & naming issues. Please re-download the files.!!! Pose Pack, Hide And Seek, Hostage With Knife, Chinese New Year With Angpao.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Betawi Chair & Table Set - TS3 (Updated 6/30/2018)


Dining Table

End Table & Coffee Table

The name of Betawi is derived from 'Batavia', old colonial name of Jakarta. Betawi is Indonesian ethnic native to Jakarta, who are descendant of people inhabited Batavia from during 17th century. Kursi & meja Betawi (Betawi Chair & Table) is one of Betawi people's cultures. This set of Betawi furniture is made from teak wood and commonly set for outdoor/terrace/patio (in front of house).


This set of furniture consists of: 
  • Betawi Chair. (Category: Dining Chair). Price: $215 
  • Betawi Dining Table. Price: $225
  • End Table. Price: $225
  • Coffee Table. Price: $225 
Chair has 2 recolourable channels, Dining/End/Coffee Table has 1 recolourable channel. 

Poly Counts: 
  • Betawi Chair: 1829 vertices, 1877 faces 
  • Betawi Dining/End/Coffee Table: 666 vertices, 616 faces

Updated (6/30/2018) 
Dining table & Coffee table rotated plus bonus 5 presets for chair & all tables 

Just extract & replace the old files as usual