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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Edible Tempe - TS3

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Edible Indonesian food 

Tempe, is a traditional and original Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans. The fermentation of soybeans (with the use of tempe yeast such as Rhizopus to hydrolyze complex compound in raw material to be easier to digest for human) makes the soybeans formed together as cake-like food.

Tempe is rich of fiber, calcium, vitamin B, and iron. It's common food here in Indonesia and now it has been famous worldwide as vegetarian food substitute for meat.

The tempe I portrayed as CC here is the 'default' tempe in Indonesia, which is deep fried. Technically this is actually called 'Tempe goreng', in English it is  translated as 'Fried tempe'.

Usually, tempe here is served together with tahu (Indonesian fried tofu) on one plate.

But I prefer tempe more. And tempe is also my daily food. #teamtempe


This food object has script that cloned from dried food from World Adventures EP. Script by: NonaMena
Just place the food object on table then eat it or eat it straight from Sim's inventory (drag food object into Sim's inventory). 

Bonus decoration: You can put the edible food objects using OMSP mod on plate CC. *Warning: Sim cannot pick up food from OMSP, make sure it's just for decoration. 

Category: Appliances > Miscellaneous 
Hunger fulfilling value: 70
Price: $1
Poly counts: 233 vertices, 324 faces 

This edible food object works in your game without installing NonaMena's script mod, but it has no moodlet.
If you wish to have moodlet (Tasty Treat / Sumptuous Snack /  Gastronomical Delight / etc) after Sim ate the custom food, install NonaMena's WITHCustomBuff 

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