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[Announcement#1] Fixed TS4 Sunblock Deco

To everyone who downloaded my TS4 Sunblock deco before June 21 2018, please re-download the file : LINK. The files are now correctly TS4 files.

[Annoucement#2] Fixed TS3 Betawi Chair & Table SET

[Fixed wrong side of table] To anyone who downloaded the files before 6/30/2018, please re-download LINK and replace the old files.

[Announcement#3] Fixed TS3 Pose List Thumbnails & Naming

Fixed disorganized/overlapping thumbnail & naming issues. Please re-download the files.!!! Pose Pack, Hide And Seek, Hostage With Knife, Chinese New Year With Angpao.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sunblock Deco [English & Simlish] - TS4 [Updated 21/6/2018]

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My Sunblock converted for The Sims 4.

English & Simlish version.

AVOCAD & BREEZE have separated English & Simlish version. 4 swatches. 
For HAWAIIAN DROP, SUNPAL, PEPPERCOOL, GOLDEFENSE, please check the swatch (there are 2 swatches) to switch between English and Simlish version. 

Category: Decor > clutter

UPDATE (6/21/2018): 
Fixed wrong files, which were TS3 files, now they are correctly TS4 files. 
To everyone who had downloaded before, please re-download. 


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