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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

粽子裝飾品 SET 【Zongzi / Sticky Rice Dumpling Deco Set】- TS4

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DuanWu Festival or Dragon Boat Festival or Peh Cun, which the day in this year 2018 is on June 18th, is the day celebrated in Mainland China, Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, and ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asian Countries, to commemorate Qu Yuan ( 屈原 ), the poet and minister of the ancient state of Chu during the Warring States period of the Zhou Dynasty. 
Zongzi is mandatory food to be eaten to celebrate this festival, because it symbolizes wrapped rice in leaves thrown to river to distract fish to not disturb Qu Yuan’s body who drowned himself in river. 
In Indonesia, zongzi is called ‘bakcang’, which is Chinese Hokkien language. 
Zongzi is traditional Chinese food made from glutinous rice with several filling variety (usually the fillings I’ve eaten are pork and salted eggs, but there are also chicken meat, red bean, and others), wrapped in bamboo leaves. 
Zongzi, although it’s verrrry oily, it is very tasty and fulfilling hunger. 
Category: Decorative > Clutter 
This set consists of: 
  • Swatches: 3
  • Price:  $1
  • Poly Counts: 454 vertices, 524 faces
Zongzi (Open):
  • Swatches: 3
  • Price:  $1
  • Poly Counts: 259 vertices, 368 faces
Zongzi (Rice): 
  • Swatches: 1
  • Price:  $1
  • Poly Counts: 155 vertices, 230 faces
Bamboo Plate: 
  • Swatches: 1
  • Price:  $2
  • Poly Counts: 190 vertices, 258 faces

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