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Monday, October 30, 2017

Plate of Eyeballs & Wineglass of Blood - TS3

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Plate of Eyeballs: 

Wineglass of Blood:

Here is plate of eyeballs made from real human eyes... not cakes nor candies. High protein.
6 presets, 1 recolourable channel.

And wineglass of blood. Although the liquid is recolourable, the colour is solid.
1 preset, 1 recolourable channel.

Category: Decor > Miscellaneous

Plate of Eyeballs & Wineglass of Blood: $10

Poly Counts: 
Plate of Eyeballs: 1727 vertices, 2420 faces
Wineglass of Blood: 774 vertices, 1180 faces

Mesh are made by me.

DOWNLOAD (Plate of Eyeballs & Wineglass of Blood)


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