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Sunday, August 19, 2018

A Plate of Sweet Martabak (Deco) - TS4

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This is my food gift for your Sims while waiting for Asian Games 2018, which is held in my country. 

"Sweet martabak" or martabak manis or kue terang bulan is Indonesian sweet pancakes.  There are two types of martabak, sweet and savory, but the sweet one is the most common.

This sweet martabak is different from savory martabak which originally from India, sweet martabak is originally made by Chinese descent in Indonesia on Bangka-Belitung island.

Sweet martabak skin ingredients:  Flour, baking soda, egg, coconut milk, water, yeast,
Filler: Chocolate / nuts / cheese / sesame, or combination of all of them. 


This food is decoration.

Category: Decoration > Miscellaneous   
  • Swatches: 5
  • Price: $5
  • Poly Counts:  444 vertices, 318 polygons

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