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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Bloody Vampire Teeth (Accessories) - For Child - TS3

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Non-default vampire teeth overlay (the vampire teeth is unlocked from EA), base game compatible. 
Under Accessories section. 

For Children. 
For Vampires & Non-vampires. 

Presets: 1 channel recolourable & 2 non-recolourable 
With custom thumbnails. 

WARNING!  This vampire teeth for Child is for photoshoot only, not for regular gameplay, because there is error by EA/TSRW that I'm as CC creator unable to fix. 
Do not save the game with this vampire teeth. If the game loaded save game with vampire teeth, the Child head would disappear. To fix disappearing head, remove the vampire teeth in CAS by clicking the vampire teeth thumbnail. 

To get matching bleeding teeth get here: BLEEDING TEETH overlay (Full Face Make Up)

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